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Dr Hunter

A message from Dr. Hunter... 

Pictures from the rehearsals and dress rehearsal (“performance”) are now ready for viewing and purchase. There are over 1000 shots culled from over 3,0000 that I took over the course of a couple of weeks. 

As I mentioned, you may right-click and use the files for email, Facebook, instagram (email me if you don’t know how to do that). Photo credit is not necessary but I do enjoy seeing my images used and I appreciate reading the comments, so feel free to tag me on Facebook or instagram.  You may also leave comments and “like” shots on the site, but that is not necessary. 

I don’t recommend printing downloaded files—they are low-resolution and won’t look good. You can purchase 4 x 6 prints for $1 each. They will be shipped to you from the company. Again, there is no mark-up for the pictures — I am not interested in making money from these pictures. 

If you decide you would like prints, you will notice there are only two options: matte and glossy. I recommend MATTE finish. Also, these have already been color-corrected so that is not necessary via the site. If you would like something larger than 4 x 6 please let me know and I will crop it from the original if it is possible (some of the shots will not be amenable to enlargements or alternate cropping). 

You will notice a lot of the shots from the rehearsals are in black and white—the lighting is a challenge, so believe me I tried making as many color as possible. Also, I honestly tried to get multiple shots of each girl — apologies to those who I was not able to capture as much as others. 

If you are not happy with a particular shot and wish it removed, please let me know. I do welcome feedback, criticism, critique. 

The two galleries are listed on the left menu, Ask Ms Mel to e-mail you the password if you do not already have it.

I will be working on the book shortly. I’ll put samples in the Centre so you can see before buying. They will be available at-cost.



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